Fist Benders

by Fist Benders

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Michael Craver of Little Lamp Studio.

Cover art by Conner Sgarbossa.

Kyle ☹ Guitar
Pierce ☹ Drums
Tati ☹ Guitar
Timmy ☹ Bass


released May 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Fist Benders Fullerton, California

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Track Name: Understanding
I would like to dance. Maybe you would too. Sometimes life is fun. I am upside down. You are far away. Everyone's selfish. We all want someone to share our story with.
Hello, old friend. How are you doing these days? It's been a while since we've talked. I'm not sure what I should say.
Silent wave of emotion. Cynical praise of feigned devotion. Violent wave of emotion beneath a thin film of plaque in the back of your mouth. Violent wave of emotion behind a thick layer of lies on the tip of your tongue. Violent wave of emotion; grit your teeth to bite back the notion.
Tell me everything you ever wanted to do. Tell me everything you ever thought, ever knew. Dig through your memories. I know there's life behind those eyes. Like learning to paint, you can scrape together love and cry. Our expectations were taught, it's through no fault of our own. Still you can see their thoughts and slit their throats. I'll tell you everything I've learned of going away, try to convince us both that one day I will be ok.
Track Name: Run Every Day
I'm spread so thin, I let you down, and I'm so tired of dangling hope around.
Whether meant, I broke at what I read. Won't forget a single scratch that it said.
I don't know if I am happy anymore. I don't know who to make happy anymore. I don't know if I am happy anymore. I don't know how to be happy anymore.
Each step's towards death. I can make it.
Connecting dots to my escape. Been running miles every day. The one where I don't see your face has yet to come, but I still pray that I'll be fine if I just become the riverbed. One foot, two eyes closed, then maybe I'll forget.
I don't know anymore.
Fine-tune my insides, 'cause you are not the same as me. I'm a waste of life. I'll never feel a thing inside again.
Track Name: You'll Be Calm
Here's to hoping you'll be gone within the hour. Take the fragrance from your shower; leave my clothes alone. It must be so easy to put things in the past. Wipe drawn hearts from the glass. Strike a match. Cremate your papers; nothing lasts.
Please sink your false teeth into me like icing on the concrete. I've been pissed off at nothing here. There's no one here. It's a new year. I'll face my fears.
Here's to hoping you'll be calm within the hour. Back to our respective showers we will go. We could laugh forever like this. We could choke on our devices; let the paint exist upon our skin to stitch up rips. Reflect on what we had; it all, the good, the strange, the bad. Not so great I guess, but fuck the world, it's us.
I'm a sad kid. That's not your fault. I'm a sad kid; it's a habit.
Need me, I'll be here. Come back next year.
Track Name: Empathy
Project your fears onto me, but be forewarned I have empathy. I'm in love again with fleeting, honest feelings.
Desperate hearts living up to downplaying their beating. Severed ties force us forward, scars protected from healing.
Fate's not real, but how I wish it was. I wish I knew things would get alright.
Free from certainty.
We have enough love in our hearts to pump every instinct from our guts.
Track Name: I Know
I'm scared that everything I do will replace my memories of you, so I'm not doing a thing. I'll just stay in bed and daydream until you let me in.
And it could be forever, 'cause I would do anything. You told me, "I know, I know, I know, I know, I know."