It's Raining

by Fist Benders

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David Clark
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David Clark These are some close friends of mine, and they really did something great with their first record. It surprises you, touches you, and has some words to say that illustrate things you thought you could never put into words. Favorite track: "I know".
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released August 24, 2014

Recorded and mixed by ourselves.

Karl, Kyle, Tati



all rights reserved


Fist Benders Fullerton, California

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Track Name: You'll Be Calm
Here's to hoping you'll be gone within the hour. Take the fragrance from your shower. Leave my clothes alone. It must be so easy to put things in the past; wipe drawn hearts from the glass. Strike a match. Cremate your papers; nothing lasts.

Please sink your false teeth into me like icing on the concrete. I've been pissed off at nothing here. There's no one here. It's a new year. I'll face my fears.

Here's to hoping. Here's to hoping you'll be calm within the hour. Back to our respective showers we will go. We could laugh forever like this. We could choke on our devices. Let the paint exist upon our skin to stitch up rips. Reflect on what we had, it all, the good, the strange, the bad. Not so great I guess, but fuck the world it's us.

I'm a sad kid. That's not your fault. I'm a sad kid. It's a habit.

Need me, I'll be here. Come back next year.
Track Name: "I know"
I'm scared that everything I do will replace my memories of you. So I'm not doing a thing. I'll just stay in bed and day dream.

Until you let me in.

And it could be forever, 'cause I would do anything. You told me, "I know, I know, I know, I know, I know."
Track Name: Keystone
Glade of my heart string
Fed through a Jenny
Ensconced in parked cars
It's not got me far
Imparting memoirs
Of times shit got hard

On me. I've got friends
Who just say talk less
But to call quits is
Not a sound option
Scratch the invalid
Didactic bullshit
Kill them with kindness
Me with sour patch kids

How have I ever
Made you feel worthless?
You condescend me
every wordless glance
Never is penance
A chance at time back
Through the great, the waste, the
Ugly you knew that

I am an artist
I eat space
I am an artist
Fallen from grace of
Mother and Father
Falter to bother
Leaving behind e-
ven my regrets.

Down this corpulent orifice, I am circumscribed by diatribe. Proclivity for vitriolic hating leads to Hades down this corpulent orifice. I am circumscribed by diatribe. Proclivity for vitriolic hating leads to Hades.

The thing that makes me sad is that I know how little time we have.

Northbound past Pala
Windows down, head out
Chilled air rushes in
Sweat pressed to my skin
From our friends now a-
sleep in the back seat
Every word we sing
I get less cold feet,

Everything I see's not how it should be. Ethereal lies breed thought mounds of debris. Keystone above and to the left of me. I'm unaccustomed to loving, please trust I tried, but I just can't get over you.
Track Name: Raining For Two
I woke up this morning, the most empty I have ever felt. Near one year of mourning the loss of a heart you took one glance to melt. I cast away my fears. Your embrace erased them, forced them to recede. But now without you here, into my hollow being they proceed.

I want to drive up north, and collect you flowers on the way - from cities you have lived, and maybe places we could go some day. Don't know what else I'd do to convince you that I've always cared. 'Cause I've run out of words to type and zits to pop, and look how far back I grow hair.

The calendar is a circle filled with tiny lines dividing days. It shines so bright, and it glides so tight. I don't know what I'm meant of it to make. I spin it to our pasts at night, up through the days when we will be quite old. And quite apart, thrown away to the wake. Still with you, it's more than skipping stones.

I need my old friends today. I'll see my old friends some day. I don't know where I'll be next year. I took every risk and then lost, because I am an asshole.

Raining for two - the last thing I do.
Can't make it through - it ended with you.
Track Name: Run Every Day
I'm spread so thin. I let you down, and I'm so tired of dangling hope around.

Whether meant, I broke at what I read. I won't forget a single scratch that it said.

Connecting dots to my escape. Been running miles every day. The one where I don't see your face has yet to come, but I still pray that I'll be fine if I just become the riverbed. One foot, two eyes closed, then maybe I'll forget.

I don't know anymore.

Fine-tune my insides, 'cause you are not the same as me. I'm a waste of life. I'll never feel a thing inside again.
Track Name: Grasshopper
It took a heart beating to notice home was here all along. Bitter-sweet everythings whispered, now It's gone. Eluded cartography, yet it looms over my head, between your pillow and my bed. Drenched in sweat every night, I clench tight for my life. There's still time to make amends and the best of it. To my incessant texts, you pled the fifth. Can't get my mind off all of this. To get it off of my chest, my love, I wrote you my first letter, knowing closure is better, dear. And
I know I made it crystal clear that Jorge's mom could be left destitute, but I'd still trade lives for his time with you. And after all these years here that we've been through, if we'd been frugal with time, this still would be too soon. A once sailing ship, now sinking down. In prospects of continuance, I drown. I almost forgot that you are not my friend. You are not my friend.

If I could cram enough grasshopper desserts into the gas tank of your mother's car, next to mine in stall 34, you wouldn't get very far, having broken down. Reluctantly next to me, my love, safe and sound. And I'd tell you, "It just wasn't big enough, and it filled past the brim, like my name on your 101's cover." Covering down, lest you flip your shit. And I'm wondering now if this song was worth it.
Track Name: I've Just Made A Fucking Mess
I'm waking up dizzy and losing all feeling in my upper lip as these bristles phlebotomize my gums.

I've spent the last 3 years of my life here exhausting means of motivating myself and this straw plateaued my sawtooth off I've just made a fucking

Mess of my life day to day oscillates between thoughts of you and being locked tight behind dry-wall rungs

Since there's no inherent shade of grey that would extricate you and me
Just know that when we both leave this place, the road ahead will laugh at your regrets

I'm not sleeping on this
I've had enough of your indecision to know
My friends are all I need, letting any of you in just gives you more things to take from me